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RU WIP by tisvana18
Normally I don't upload WIP's, but I just kind of felt like it since it's taken me three days to do this page so far.

So many characters. So much color. Such wow.
Lol. Drawing all these different people's characters have made me realize just how bright all of mine are. I can't tell whether their characters need more sun or if mine need to be in a hospital.
I just made a detailed census sheet for my sims.

I'm in too deep. Pull me out.
I just realized that I am a Class A Tsundere.

Luckily, I'm the protagonist and therefore get my pick of the males of the cast.
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Most of you know that I am a published author now. My writing originally was birthed through fanfiction, although absolutely nothing stayed the same about the story or characters (characterization marches on. It's all Lea's fault too.)

Since Lea from my book failed a Mary Sue Litmus test (which I have since fixed and will have fixed in the second edition), I decided to test my beloved OC, Lea.

[ ] They have pink eyes (if female)
[x] They have a large chest (if female) [to be fair, she does not start off with this.]
[ ] They are very muscular/strong (if male)
[ ] They are considered beautiful/hot to everyone
[x ] They have have long eyelashes (if female) [I guess?]
[ ] They have something having to do with a heart in their design (e.g.: A heart on their outfit, heart-shaped antenna, etc.) (If female)
[ ] They're gothic/punk/emo
[ ] They are some sort of Royalty
[ ] They think they're beautiful/hot
[ ] They're told they're beautiful/hot
[ ] They have hair (if they are Irken)
[x ] Their eyes are an unusual color/there's something unusual about them [blue eyes, belly button, natural born, raised in foster homes on Plookesia... Oh and her antenna]
[ ] One eye is a different color than the other
[x] One of their bangs just happen to cover one of their eyes [she has an antenna-style that looks a little like bangs]
[ x] They are Irken
[x] They are very tall (if Irken)
[x] (if irken and female) Their uniform is pink (aren't they all?)
[ ] They have wings
[ ] They are immortal
[ ] They are a hybrid
[ ] (If a hybrid) They are a neko (half human, half cat)
[ ] (If a hybrid) this is because they are the child of two canon characters
[ ] (If a hybrid because they're two canon's children) this couple just happens to be ZimxDib
[x] They have a beautiful voice
[ x] They are defective [has emotions]
[x] (If defective) it affects how they look [Screw uniforms. She's a T-shirt and jeans babe all the way. Also pigtails. ;p]
[ ] Their name is something typical/commonly used such as Mar, Miz, Mib, Rose, etc. (Don't be offended if any of these are your characters' names.)
[ ] Their name is a noun (e.g. Rose, Iron, Blood, Danger, etc.)
[ ] Their name is an adjective (e.g. Blue, Crazy, etc.)
[ ] Their name is a verb (e.g. Dash, Burn, etc.)
[x] They have a tragic/sad past [I feel like this should take away points :|]
[ ] Zim/Dib/another canon character is an important part of their backstory
[ ] They want revenge on Zim for some reason
[ ] (If Irken) they live on Earth for no reason
[ ] They were assigned to Earth for some reason
[ ] This happens to be because Zim needed a helper
[ x] Their disguise is SO FREAKIN AMAZING [Technology improved over 800 years. Everyone's disguises are amazing]
[ ] They eventually fall for Zim/Dib/another canon
[ ] Zim/Dib/other canon eventually fall for them as well
[ ] They are loved by the Tallests
[ ] They're perfect (e.g. "Dib was harmed during the explosion, but *insert name here* was perfectly fine", they have no visible flaws, they have no visible flaws except for their mental disorder, etc.)
[ ] They are a cannibal [this is a Mary Sue trait?!]
[ ] They have superpowers such as flying, turning invisible, and having a super-fast speed [controlling elements]
[ ] They are liked by everyone
[ ] They're psycho
[ ] They have a multiple personality disorder
[ ] They have insomnia
[ ] They are Irken, and have insomnia (add 10; this is impossible [Why? Is there no equivalent?])
[x] They have some other mental disorder [Again, this is a Mary Sue thing? I feel this is justified]
[ ] They have a multiple personality disorder
[ ] They are insane
[ ] They are bipolar (e.g. "GGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I HATE YOU! OMG I love you!") <is it tsundere or yandere that's like that?>
[ ] They are demon-possessed
[ ]They figured out on their own that Zim was an alien
[x] They're for the rebellion [initially. Changed her mind.]
[ ] They were based off of you
[ ] They are a cyborg
[ ] They/A very important factor about them was due to an experiment
[ ] Their SIR's name rhymes with GIR
[ ] Their SIR's eyes are pink



[ ] They are male
[x] Their name is more than 3 letters long [Lisa]
[ ] They are 100% evil (I feel this is more arbitrary, but ok)
[ ] They're human/vortian/meekrobian/etc.
[x ] They are single
[x] They are in love with another fancharacter rather than a canon character
[x] They are hated by nearly everybody
[ ] They always fail
[x] They are fat (her weight fluctuates)
[ ] They are physically disabled/weak
[ ] Their eyes are red (if Irken)
[ ] Their eyes are green (if Irken)
[ ] Their eyes are black (if Irken)
[ ] Their eyes are brown (if Irken)
[ ] They look like a regular, typical Irken
[ ] Their antennae don't curl [its a regular female irken antennae]
[x] They nearly died (this doesn't count if they ended up being saved by a canon)
[ ] Their disguise absolutely SUCKS
[x] They are freakishly mutilated/deformed [by Irken standards]
[x] Have bad habits
[ ] Aren't good fighters AT ALL

-21/5: Anti-Sue
 Your character is the exact opposite of a Mary Sue. This, however, might make your character boring and needs spicing up.
6/15: Well-Balanced Character
 Your character is neither an Anti-Sue nor a Mary-Sue. This is good, because it makes your character interesting, but it doesn't make them boring either.
16/20: Somewhat Sue
 Uh oh, you're character is leaning a lot on the 'Sue-ish Side'. Your character may be annoying to some people and can't be taken very seriously. But, there is hope for your character by toning them down.
21+: Mary-Sue
 Sorry 'bout this, but your character is a MARY-SUE. There are only two options here: get rid of them or redesign them completely.

She's the borderline of an Anti-Sue. Hm. Weeeeird. Oh well, at least this incarnation passed. Even if I had serious questions about the test.

Also I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out! Wish me luck!



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